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The Best Places to Moor Your Boat in the UK

There are thousands of mooring sites in the UK, from simple spots along a riverbank or canal to berths in large, fully serviced marinas. Most of these mooring sites are managed by boat clubs or private companies and it can be difficult to choose where to moor your boat. You will really have to shop around to see which mooring service will meet your needs and be able to accommodate your boat properly.

To help you along, we’ve got some information and tips on moorings as wells as things to consider when looking for the best places to moor your boat in the UK.


Moorings in the UK are often priced according to the popularity of the area as well as the length of the boat. There are various pricing options, but generally the more popular the area is—for example in the south where the price of land is highest—the greater the demand and the more you’ll have to pay for mooring. Areas that offer special services and amenities such as on-site showers also require higher mooring fees.


When choosing a place to moor your boat, decide how far you want to travel to your other inland destinations. Some boat owners don’t mind making a few hours of travel, while others prefer easy access so they can hop aboard whenever they want. For instance, marinas and other offline moorings usually have transport links as well as car parking. However, if you want to be moored in a tranquil location away from a busy marina, then a mooring in a remote boat yard may be ideal.

You can also ask local farmers who allow boats to be moored along their land. This costs less than offline moorings but have few facilities, if any. If you plan on exploring nature and taking in the scenery, this would be a better choice.


While riverbank or canal moorings may be convenient in some cases, most boat owners prefer the security of a marina and do not mind paying extra for it. If you choose a canal mooring, make sure you have the necessary devices to ensure your boat’s safety, such as a tow hook lock.

Marina berths

If you are looking to have your boat berthed in a marina, check its Gold Anchor rating. Marinas are given one to five gold anchors depending on the quality of services and facilities they offer boat owners. The highest award is indicated by five gold anchors.

Residential moorings

If your plan is to live on your boat, you’ll have to do additional research on policies concerning residential moorings. Aside from the location, there are also tax, duration and other fees to consider. Check out the Canal & River Trust as well as the Environment Agency for your mooring options.

Berth brokerage services

If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of looking for a secure mooring for your boat in the UK, you can avail of the services of a berth brokerage company, which can find the right berth for you. If you value convenience, the service fees may be worth it—just make sure the company you’re dealing with is duly registered and has a pool of satisfied clients.

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